About us

The school owns its own land and a double story building to accommodate all the students and the staff in it. It has its own well equipped Science Lab, Library and reading room, Computer Lab and Auditorium. Different facilities are provided for the development of the multifaceted talents of the students of this institution. The school provides special training for the physical development of the students here. Under the guidance of our trained PET, the students are given coaching for games like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Kabbadi and Kho-Kho. The trained Band Troop which adds hues to various public functions and other important occasions is an added asset to the school.

Creation of a well civilized and disciplined generation having a bright future is the ultimate aim of Dinah Convent School. The parents are always willing to cooperate with the school when and where their complimentary role is solicited by the school. The school has many outstanding achievements in the academic, sports, games and cultural fields to count. Among them the most covetous one was the award received from Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of M. P, for the academic excellence in the year 2010. The outstanding achievements and uncompromising quality make the school as the first preference of the people of Tarana for the education of their wards. As a whole Dinah Convent School stands as the unique role model for educational endeavor at Tarana

Special Aims of the School


The prime object of our education is to make students think accurately, to discern between the right and the wrong and to train the imaginations to grasp things that cannot be felt or perceived by material sense. It is not merely to give knowledge, because knowledge vanishes away but wisdom remains. The real thing we want is not knowledge but resourcefulness. In order to achieve it we train them to use their mind voluntarily. Our motto is to unearth the inherent talents that every child possesses, so that they become valuable citizens of our country.


Through the extensive use of Project Way of Learning and the application of different Class Room Teaching Strategies, the children will be motivated to acquire knowledge at their own pace.


Children will be exposed to a vast variety of curricular and co-curricular activities to inculcate right values and manners to enable them to face the current competitive world.


“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”

Games and sports play a vital role in promoting good health and a healthy mind. Through Games and Sports, we promote in children a spirit for national integration, cooperation, dedication, coordination between mind and the body, team spirit, patriotism, understanding and various other values in order to become TRUE citizens of India.


The education of children is not the exclusive responsibility of the schools. Parents and the society also play equal role. We provide ongoing facilities to the parents, to foster congenial and happy relationship between the parents and the children, based on mutual trust and respect by organizing Parents Teacher Meets, Workshops , Seminars etc.